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DOS Sicilia QS supply chain

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Nature Project Agricultural Cooperative Society

“Progetto Natura” is a cooperative that associates over 250 companies operating in the dairy sector and scattered throughout Sicily. Our common values are: love for the land, respect for nature and animals and a long dairy experience. All this translates into the quality of our products, only Sicilian milk and typical and traditional cheeses.

We are the largest integrated Sicilian milk supply chain. We organize the collection of conventional milk, milk from a controlled and organic supply chain in the member farms of Sicily both with our own vehicles and with third-party companies. The milk is transferred to our collection center in Ragusa, where it is checked by the employees of the quality laboratory and sorted for the various destinations. The direct control of each phase of the supply chain allows us to enhance Sicilian milk to protect the territory and the regional agri-food heritage and to offer products with high quality standards, minimizing the environmental impact of the entire cycle.

The pride of our reality is the aging warehouse, the largest and most technological in the South, where the seasoning process of Ragusano DOP and Cosavacaddu Ibleo takes place. More than forty thousand cheeses are aged here every year.

Nature Project Agricultural Cooperative Society 

 Zona Ind.le III Phase Ragusa (RG) -97100

Tel: 0932 668901

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Bicchiere di latte

Raw Cow Milk QS Brand  


Raw cow's milk (drinking milk, dairy products and ice cream) is obtained by applying a strict production specification approved at Community level


M.production method

In the daily ration, at least 50% of the dry matter must be supplied by forage, of which at least 50% obtained from pastures and / or hays produced in the same territory as the farm. The food ration must be able to guarantee a balanced supply of nutrients suitable for maintaining the health and well-being of the cows. The use of added animal fats is forbidden in the diet.


Appearance and Taste

Drinking milk will be enriched in the aromatic component by the particular breeding technique and the type of feeding. Derivative products are the most composite, by way of example and not limited to: butter, milk creams, mascarpone, cream, ricotta, dairy products, cheeses with different degrees of seasoning, yogurt, fermented milks, ice creams, etc.


Distinctive note

The animals will be bred with the application of suitable housing conditions that guarantee a greater state of well-being and through the use of food supplements that comply with nutritional needs. The qualitative requirements regarding the dry fat residue, the somatic cell content, the bacterial load, the presence of aflatoxin have parameters much lower than the maximum allowed by the current legal provisions.

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