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View of a colored ceramic vase from Caltagirone used as an ornament in the main public gar

A completely Sicilian identity . 


The DOS Sicilia Consortium 

DOS Sicilia is an Association of Consortia for the Promotion and Valorisation of typical Sicilian Agri-food products with PDO, PGI and QS.  The Association includes 17 Consortia for the protection and enhancement of certified quality productions:New Carrot of Ispica PGI,Cherry of Etna PDO.Modica chocolate IGP,Pecorino Siciliano DOP,Piacentinu Ennese DOP, Ragusano DOP, Monte Etna DOP oil,Monti Iblei PDO oil,DOP Val di Mazara oil,Pistachio of Raffadali PDO,Green Pistachio of Bronte PDO,Pachino tomato IGP,Provola dei Nebrodi PDO.Vastedda della Vale del Belice PDO.Peach of Leonforte PGI,Nature Project Agricultural Cooperative Society (QS),Sicilian Wine Growers Network (QS).

Through a great project ofcohesion,sharingAndparticipation, DOS Sicily favors theaggregation of the offerin order to satisfy the demand in a systematic way and guarantee, to the producer, aprofitable placement of the product.

The participating Consortia and Associations will be supported in the implementation ofinnovative forms of sale .

in the development ofinnovations,scientific researchAndsustainability, on the one hand;  fight against food waste, processesanti-fraudand promotion ofhealthy diets, on the other hand, are the further ambitious objectives of DOS Sicilia to relaunch the best practices already acquired and consolidated in the Sicilian agri-food sector of Certified Quality.    

The DOS Sicilia Consortium 

Favor itdevelopmentand theprogressinfood field of the Sicilian Region. The objectives are mainly to favor theaggregation of producers, by encouraging and financing theconstitution of the Consortia for the Protection of the Sicilian Designations of Originof all PDO, PGI and QS products, enhance the Sicilian agricultural and agri-food productions ofcertified qualityand, promote and disseminate through the adoption ofsustainable practicesin the sectors of food production and processing with particular regard toenvironment protectionand tohealth of the person. Fighting thefraudalong the relative food chain, both nationally and internationally, promote asustainable food consumptionand and facilitate the transition tohealthy diets, with particular regard to the Mediterranean Diet, finally, to promote thescientific researchin the field of certified quality food production.      bad5cf58d_


For consumers today, the priorities are to recognize theauthenticity of valuesthat are hidden behind the product chains. All DOS productions are distinguished by theirsstrong bond with the landand each with its own uniqueness contributes to spreading the traditions and thecultureof healthy living on an island, Sicily, located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.

It is important to note that the image of Sicily is currently making a comeback thanks also to an increase in tourism that appreciates and exportsgastronomic valueslinked to our land.

The consumer trend is changing, Italy and Sicily in particular are experiencing a revival of all those values linked to the traditions of the earth (see the return to the consumption of ancient grains). The goal for DOS must be to enter the tables of Italians asstandard bearer of the taste for healthy living.

The recognition of what has been stated is governed by the use of the quality mark of the DOP, IGP and QS, flanked by our logo which must be recognizable by the consumer in order to strengthen the ability to penetrate the identity of the DOS Sicilia Consortium.

Organization chart 

Leading the Association, as President Massimo Todaro, Associate Professor of Nutrition and Animal Nutrition at the SAAF Department of the University of Palermo. The Vice Presidents complete the organization chart Salvatore Peluso, as President of the Consortium for the Protection of Chocolate of Modica PGI and Salvatore Lentinello, president of the Pomodoro di Pachino Consortium, and the directors Sebastiano Tostorepresenting the QS Rete Ovinicoltori, e Joshua Cataniapresident of the Monte Etna DOP Oil Consortium.

Aiuti di Stato e contributi ricevuti nell'anno 2022 - CONSORZIO DELLE DENOMINAZIONI DI ORIGINE SICILIANA

Denominazione soggetto erogante: REGIONE SICILIANA

Somma incassata: 40.000,00 €

Data: 10/10/2022

Denominazione soggetto erogante: REGIONE SICILIANA

Somma incassata: 57.711,93 €

Data: 6/12/2022

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