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Pezzi di cioccolato

DOS Sicilia Transformed products supply chain 

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Consortium for the Protection of Modica PGI Chocolate

The Consortium brings together the artisan companies producing Modica Chocolate and has pursued the aim of providing the product with the IGP
The Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1529 of the European Commission of 8 October 2018 sanctioned the registration of Modica Chocolate in the Register of Protected Geographical Indications.

Consortium for the Protection of Modica IGP Chocolate

Corso Umberto I, 149 - Modica (RG)
Tel: +39 391 73 91 318

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Dessert del cioccolato

Product data sheet 

The Modica Chocolate PGI is a chocolate product obtained from the processing of bitter cocoa paste with sugar.

The production area of Cioccolato di Modica IGP is represented exclusively by the territory of the municipality of Modica, in the province of Ragusa, in the Sicily region.
The mixture is obtained by working together the bitter cocoa paste and sugar, also cane, refined or wholemeal. The use of additional ingredients such as: salt, cinnamon, vanilla, chilli pepper, nutmeg, the natural aroma of citrus fruits, fennel, jasmine, ginger and the fruits, even dry and dehydrated, of pistachio, hazelnuts, almonds are optional. and citrus. It is also allowed to use other spices, natural flavors and even dried or dehydrated fruit. During the processing phase, the cocoa mass is melted in a bain-marie or with tempering melters at a maximum of 50 ° C at the core of the mass. Once dissolved, the sugar and, if present, the optional ingredients are added to the mass, without interrupting that mixing operation that gives amalgam and homogeneous consistency. Before modeling, it is allowed to temper the product, while subsequently portioning and placing of the compound into special molds, subjected to beating for a period of time between one and three minutes with the aim of giving the product uniform height and optimum compactness. After the chocolate has cooled, the product is extracted from the molds and packaged within a maximum time of twelve hours.

The Modica Chocolate PGI has a rectangular parallelepiped shape with tapered sides in a truncated pyramid and a weight not exceeding 100 gr. The paste is brown in color with evident graininess due to the presence of sugar crystals inside the product. On the outer surface it is possible that there is an outcrop of cocoa butter. On the palate it is sweet with a hint of bitterness and has a typical perception of graininess or sandiness which is accompanied by a good fusibility in the mouth and a crunchy structure.

Since the eighteenth century, Modica chocolate was made by the noble families of the city, as evidenced by the archive papers of the noble family of Grimaldi that document the activity of the cicolateri as early as 1746. In the nineteenth century to give great impetus to notoriety, processing and diffusion also contributed to the monasteries and religious institutes of the territory. Between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century a new milestone is marked: the coffees of Modica are transformed into chocolate production workshops.

The Modica Chocolate PGI can be kept in a cool and dry place for about 18 months. Born as a typical dessert of the Christmas holidays, today it is consumed all year round. It is the main ingredient in local gastronomy such as, for example, in the chocolate ravioli among the first courses, in the lamb and rabbit among the meat main courses, in the traditional "caponata" among the side dishes.
The typical "cold" processing of Modica IGP Chocolate combined with careful control of the processing temperature of the ingredients prevents the sugar crystals from melting and gives the product a graininess perceptible to the palate that is unique in the world.

Complete product sheet available on the official website ofQualivita Foundation

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