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DOS Sicilia Oil Supply Chain 

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Consortium for the promotion and enhancement of Monte Etna DOP
extra virgin olive oil

The Consortium was founded on 1 October 2007, to protect, promote and enhance the Monte Etna DOP extra virgin olive oil, guaranteeing its origin and quality, from production to packaging.
The consortium operates in full compliance with the relevant laws, assists and protects the operators of the supply chain, in carrying out the enhancement actions and in carrying out the procedures necessary for the use of the DOP denomination (extra virgin olive oils with a protected designation of origin) .
It promotes the diffusion and consumption of Monte Etna DOP extra virgin olive oil.

The DOP Monte Etna falls within an area between 100 and 1000 m above sea level belonging to the volcanic mountain range of Etna. The traditional terraced accommodation and dry lava stone walls mark the landscape in an unmistakable way.
The ventilated climate and the volcanic soil constitute a “unicum” capable of conferring unique and unrepeatable characteristics to the Etna oil. Recent research has among other things highlighted significant differences in the composition of fatty acids in the oil of Monte Etna compared to oils of different origins.

Olive oil is the undisputed king of Mediterranean cuisine, not only for the unique flavor it gives to each dish, but also for its healthiness. As for wines, oil also has its own characteristics and is tasted by professional tasters who evaluate its three main aspects: color, taste, and flavor.
The pleasant sensations of the oil originate from substances that are naturally present in the healthy and fresh fruit and which constitute the fundamental characteristic of olive oil: the fruity.
When the olives are processed (obligatorily within the production area located on the slopes of Etna), during the grinding and above all kneading phases all the natural substances of the fruit are divided into oil and vegetation water according to the their partition coefficient, very influenced by the temperature.
This is why a careful use of temperature in the extraction involves a harmonic composition of the natural substances of the oil, in particular those responsible for the organoleptic characteristics e, consequently, also of a greater pleasantness of the product.

Consortium for the Protection of "Monte Etna" DOP Etra-virgin olive oil

Via A. di San Giuliano, 349 - Catania (CT)
Tel: +39 095 326035

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Product data sheet 


Monte Etna PDO extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the fruit of the Nocellara Etnea variety, present in the olive groves in a quantity of not less than 65%. Other varieties present in the area such as Moresca, Tonda Iblea, Ogliarola Messinese, Biancolilla, Brandofino and Olivo di Castiglione can compete, up to a maximum of 35%.


The area of production, processing and packaging of Monte Etna PDO extra virgin olive oil involves some municipalities located on the slopes of Mount Etna, in the provinces of Catania, Enna and Messina, in the Sicily region.


The olives must be harvested directly from the plant with the hand combing technique of the foliage and with the aid of suitable mechanical means and collection nets, in order to avoid mixing the olives collected with those already previously fallen on the ground. The "beating" of the branches is not allowed. The milling must take place within two days of harvesting, exclusively with stone millstones and mechanical crushers. The olives must be previously desfoliated with the use of vacuum cleaners, then washed with running water. The malaxing phase lasts from 15 to 40 minutes, with water at a temperature not exceeding 28-30 ° C.


Monte Etna PDO extra virgin olive oil has a golden-yellow color with green reflections, a light fruity aroma and a fruity flavor, with a slight spicy or bitter sensation.


Extra virgin olive oil is an easily perishable food that requires proper conservation to keep its organoleptic characteristics intact. It is therefore advisable to keep it in a cool and protected from light, at a temperature between 14 and 18 ° C, away from heat sources and products that give off particular odors. It is also advisable to consume it within 4-6 months of pressing, to enjoy it in the period of maximum expression of its flavor. Monte Etna PDO extra virgin olive oil is suitable for cooking on roasted fish and in legume soups. Due to its pleasantly fruity flavor it is excellent raw on bruschetta and fresh vegetables.


Monte Etna PDO extra virgin olive oil is characterized by a maximum total acidity level of 0.6 g per 100 g of oil and a panel test score greater than or equal to 7.

Complete product sheet available on the official website ofQualivita Foundation

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