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DOS Sicilia Fruit and vegetables supply chain

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Consortium for the Protection of Etna DOP Cherry

The Consortium for the Protection of the Etna Cherry; based in the municipality of Sant'Alfio (CT) was established in March 2004, to strongly support, in the first instance, the obtainment of transitional protection at of the denomination "Ciliegia dell'Etna PDO" (obtained in 2006 by decree published in the Official Gazette no. 289 of 13 December 2006), and then proceed with the completion of the procedure at Community level with the definitive registration of the PDO, which finally took place December 19, 2011.
The Consortium has among the founding members the Etna Cherry Producers Association, which at the time forwarded to MIPAAF the request for the registration of the protected designation of origin. Over the years he has conducted various studies and researches on Etnea cherry growing, in collaboration with professors and researchers of the University of Catania, improved the production regulations, defined the agreement with the third body, Soil and Health, to certify starting from the 2012 vintage the first PDO brand productions.
The Consortium for the Protection of Ciliegia dell'Etna PDO, in collaboration with the bodies provided for by the law, aims to request the MIPAAF recognition pursuant to Article 14 of Law 526/99, necessary for carrying out the supervisory and check.
With the support and contribution of the world of scientific research, agricultural producers and local institutions, the Consortium for the Protection of Cherry Etna DOP, is constantly engaged in actions to improve the entire supply chain, with the aim of promoting , beyond the local and regional borders, the goodness and nutritional qualities of one of the most representative fruits of the Etna area, starting from the sensitization of the consumer to the choice of typical quality products in the shopping cart.
The growers members have now also begun to invest in the "cultivation reconversion" of the land, planting sweet cherry trees "Prunus avium family of the rosaceae, ecotype Mastrantonio (Donnantonio), and focusing on itineraries that enhance the flavors and cultural values of this land. A growing commitment for a product that has ancient origins and which today aims at quality and constant presence on the markets.
The history, cultivation techniques, and even therapeutic properties of the Etna cherry are themes that have already been explored in these years of waiting for the PDO, under the direction of the Consortium, by producers, experts, university professors, nutritionists and authorities, to spread and broaden the interest in this unique and delicious fruit.

Consortium for the Protection of Cherry of Etna PDO  

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 6 - Sant'Alfio (CT)
Tel: +39 335 6964720

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Fresche verdure biologiche

Product data sheet 

The Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP designates the fresh fruit obtained from the sweet cherry variety Prunus avium L., of the Rosaceae family, in the Mastrantonio (Donnantonio) ecotype.

The production area of Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP includes numerous municipalities in the province of Catania, in the Sicily region.

The systems of management of the plants are those consolidated by tradition and take into consideration factors such as the type of cherry cultivar, the type of soil and the climate. Cultivation can follow the conventional, integrated or organic method. The harvest takes place in the months of June and July and must be done by hand, when the fruit has naturally completed its ripening process, taking care to detach the cherries from the plant with all the peduncle, in order to avoid infections and rot. they would compromise the organoleptic characteristics. Before packaging, which must take place within 12 hours after harvesting, the fruits are stored in cool places and away from direct sunlight, to prevent quality deterioration. If the marketing does not take place within 48 hours after harvesting, the fruits must be stored at a temperature between 18 and 20 ° C in refrigerated cells.

The Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP is characterized by its medium-large size with a long peduncle and the classic bright red color. The exterior is crunchy, the pulp is compact and the flavor is sweet, pleasant and balanced thanks to the low acidity associated with a good sugar content.

Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days, taking care to eliminate any damaged fruit. Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP ;Etna DOP is consumed fresh and is used as an ingredient in the preparation of jams, Bavarians and desserts. For savory dishes, the use of Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP is still limited to a few meat-based dishes, such as duck and beef.

The Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP stands out for its long ripening times, much longer than other varieties, due to the progressive raising, compared to sea level, of the cultivation land in the area of the Etna volcano.

Complete product sheet available on the official website ofQualivita Foundation

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